Developed as my HND Graded Unit, Focas does not exist online. It was developed for a friend who does photography as a hobby. They had recently set up Focas to share their photos with friends and I saw this as an opportunity to have a real life client for my web development.

For this project I comunicated with the client throughtout development asking them about features and designs before proceeding. Using only one library for the home page this website was entirely hard-coded by myself in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery & SQL.

This website is avaliable to view upon request and only with resonable explination.


In my spare time I like to post on my blog powered by Wordpress. I enjoy using this blog as it allows me to introduce friends and followers to new applications or products. I find it helps inform friends who are less technicologically minded what is going on in some situations such as downtime to several websites

I occasionally use my blog to post op-ed or informative content. In the past I have discussed how I believe our storage of data is changing in'The Storage Wars Are Changing' and how me and a friend had a discussionon the implications of being online in 'If You Cared About Your Data, You Wouldn't Be On TheInternet

Coming Soon...

I have of-course other projects in the works. At the moment I am helping to develop a website for a real life client as part of theTeam Project for BsC Computing Semester Two. At the moment I can't reveal details about it but when I can it will appear here.

If you have any questions about any project please contact me on